chen xu


My project combines an emotion tracking app with a virtual reality (VR) video experience that allows the user to relax and unwind.This application is designed to help users better understand and manage their emotions. With a simple and user-friendly interface, users can record their emotional states and log the events, thoughts, or other factors that trigger those emotions. At the same time, we provide users with immersive VR video experiences for emotional relaxation. These meticulously designed VR video scenes aim to alleviate stress and promote relaxation through visual, auditory, and environmental immersion. Users can choose from different scenes such as serene natural landscapes, meditation spaces, or soulful journeys, allowing themselves to immerse and restore inner calmness and tranquility. This application not only offers emotion tracking but also provides emotional relaxation and psychological soothing through VR video experiences. We hope that users can gain a better understanding and management of their emotions through this application, finding inner balance and serenity. Whether it’s daily emotional monitoring or moments requiring relaxation, our application will serve as a companion and psychological support for users. Let us explore and embrace the world of emotions together and help you establish a healthier inner state.

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