Haowei Zhang

One path of absurdity

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My works are rooted in my training in photography as a documentary and art medium, which investigates the topic of life, time, and loneliness, exploring the relationship among image, text, and Experience of life. My final work has two parts, photography and video, and The main topic of my work is loneliness. I start from the “society of spectacle”(by Guy Debord). I work on the topic of people that are controlled, or oppressed by society, and loneliness. What I’m doing now is more about myself, showing the same thing, about that People can feel lonely in society, even if there are people everywhere. The second part is a video that reflects my understanding of the “experience of life”. After the first part of the photography, I developed the relationship between loneliness and life. So I realize that nihilism and existence, both are in my life experience. Sometimes humans just move forward in life in a way that is powerless but necessary, whether they know the reason or not.

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