Kaiyuan Deng

Vibrating Void

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What occurs when places with visible entities are transformed into infinite void? With this doubt, I use photography to build an atmosphere in which the sense of time and space turns subtle and eccentric. The three-dimensional reality seems to collapse in it into a virtual space synthesised by Ai tools. The figures of the human being are stripped away at the visual level in a place of activity that was originally subordinated to society. Their functions are compressed, and their practical values are limited. Nevertheless, people’s judgements and evaluations of them, based on the experience of socially shared behaviour, remain as attached to such ‘non-place’ as the souls of the dead. Thus, everything begins to appear traceable and wobbly. The scent of death wafts through them, and an inner activity close to the instinct for survival reverberates violently in the silent images, penetrating my eyes and blowing a breeze.

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