Ming Li

Urban Vascular

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Reality is equal for everyone in the world, something that exists objectively, who has some rules of his own, just like there are veins and bones in the body of an animal, gravity in the world, the Roche limit. In the midst of a city there are also streets, and alleyways, connecting the different subdivisions of the city. But people perceive things differently, and everyone feels the same thing differently, just as there are 10,000 Hamlets in 10,000 people. People are bound to carry their own feelings with them as they use their eyes or tools to record their exploration of the world, so can we say this: “Everything in the world that is built and produced by humans is a product of human feelings”. What we know in the process of knowing the world is also the product of belonging to the perceptions of others. The streets of the city are everywhere; they are like veins that connect the various areas of the city. Although these streets exist objectively, it may not be entirely consistent in each person’s perception.

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