Qi Li

Eat with your ears

Close your eyes, and listen. When is the last time that you felt an irresistible urge to eat? The crispiness of chips, the buttery crumbles of biscuits between the teeth, the smooth and silky texture of chocolate melting in your mouth, chewiness of gummies… sometimes you binge, afterwards you purge. The cycle goes on from salty to sweet, fresh and cool to creamy and hot, crunchy to moist, fluffy to dense. Binge eating has been a common phenomenon given the smart inventions of chemical foods; capitalism has its way further when “healthy food” suggests not only one, but tons of choices: farm to table, from scratch, organic, certified, locally sourced. The industry has created binge eating, the social media reveals perfect body shapes, when binge eating turns into bulimia, they advertise to combat obesity and depression. What a yummy manipulation. So I have decided: “since I cannot stop binging, I will binge on milk and cereals and whole wheat thins.”


In this project, I experimented with recording devices to create a sense of “immersion” in food experience, including 2XLR microphones that represent the listeners’ left and right ear; pop filter to block out noise; Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) along with video editing software.

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