Xiao Liang


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Nowadays, many people spend a lot of their travel time on taking photos that are more in line with public aesthetics in order to post pictures that attract audiences on social media when they travel, and lose the meaning of photography in travel and the autonomy of shooting itself. In my opinion, this is influenced by cybernetics in communication science. Based on the black box method in cybernetics, I use a ccd cameras which cannot show images normally due to screen damage are taken as black box at every famous scenic spots and historic sites around the world to take pictures. Since this ccd camera still has the function of shooting except that the screen is damaged and the image cannot be seen, the picture in front of the lens can still be used as input. Therefore, I use this Ccd camera as a black box, and the places of interest in front of the lens are recorded into the camera as input. The act of imagining what the site should have looked like from audiences based on damaged images is output and feedback. At the same time, the camera was originally used as a tool for shooting, but it lost its meaning as a camera because it was damaged. It is as if people spend a lot of time travelling in order to take more aesthetically pleasing photos and thus gain more attention, while losing the meaning of photography in the journey itself.

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