Yiran Liu

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The topic of this project will be based on the Chinese creator goddess Nuwa as the main inspiration and element, and will revolve around a consideration of Transhumanism and posthuman-ism. In A HISTORY OF TRANSHUMANIST THOUGHT, Nick Bostrom summarises the attempts of human beings to usurp nature in many ways, from myths and legends, magic, religion and philosophy, as evidence of human beings’ ongoing attempts to empower themselves. This is why I wanted to combine traditional Chinese mythology with Transhumanism and posthuman-ism. The commonalities and contradictions between the myth of Nuwa’s creation and posthuman-ism allow this myth to be explored and used as an oriental element to represent posthuman-ism. Whereas early humans achieved their aspiration of omnipotence through the creation of gods, today humans are attempting to achieve it through technology. Personally, I think that the relationship between people and technology at this stage can be summed up in the words “creation” and “control”. In the process of creation, humans make technology as a tool more and more human, while in the process of control, they maintain the boundary between man and machine.

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