Ziyao Lin

Archive 2023 - Stories of My Life with AI

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This project, conceived and created over the first half of 2023, started with the concept of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) archive, which I then documented over a period of several months.

In the first part, the anonymous artist author presents her daily conversations, practices and life with ChatGPT as informative visual images. These fragmented recordings present the possibilities and potential problems of AI, a giant and complete intelligent system reflected through the lives and existence of distinct, insignificant individuals.

Another part of the work is a video essay, in which the AI speaks from their perspective about the archive, recounting its creation over the same period of time. It includes details of events from the AI’s point of view, as well as the AI’s flirtations with and comments on human behaviour.

This archive, which mixes memory and truth, blurring the boundaries between the private and the public, explores the hot topic of AI in 2023, how it is slowly entering the public eye and influencing action, throwing up the question of how humans will live with AI technology in the future.

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