Zufei Hu

Dancing With The Devil

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My project stems from my previous bulimia nervosa. It made me deeply aware of the harm of addictive behavior.Whether it’s drug addiction, internet addiction, gambling, etc.These will repeatedly lead to a rapid increase and decrease in the frequency of dopamine in people. Any factor can tease these people’s brains, making them feel like they are possessed and completely out of control. So my video imitates the psychological state of people who become addicted. The picture is sometimes accelerated with bright colors, and sometimes slowed down with a dull and gloomy tone. By using the expression of glitch art, this can increase the sense of confusion and terror, making it more dramatic. Let the audience’s heart beat faster for a while ,then feel lost and empty at times, and want to watch again. To remind people to be vigilant about the temptation and danger of addictive behavior. And I hope that the addicted population can receive more care, support, and professional treatment.

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